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Portable Column Line Array Loudspeaker Showcase Recap

Portable Column Line Array Loudspeaker Showcase Recap September 20th, 2018 On Thursday, September 20th seven manufacturers gathered at Peachstate Audio's showroom in Sugar Hill, GA. The manufacturers brought their portable column line array loudspeakers to participate in a showcase for Peachstate Audio customers. There were a dozen different models, and they were separated into 3 price categories, similar to the Loudspeaker Showcase Peachstate Audio hosted in 2016. Though similar to the showcase from two years ago, this event was smaller in scale and more niche in the products (full list of products and product links below throughout post).

Segment 1: MAP Pricing Up to $999 Turbosound IP2000 JBL Eon One RCF EVOX J8 One Systems OPA Line82 dB Technologies ES 503

The first segment we started off with was segment 1, products with a MAP price under $999. Each manufacturer had 7 minutes to present their product, which usually included a quick overview on specs and capabilities followed by di…