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Georgia Film Industry and the Freedom of Digital Wireless

Filming is big business, and few places showcase that more than the state of Georgia. "The Hollywood of the South" or "Yallywood" are names attributed to a massive industry that had an economic impact on the state of $9.5 Billion in 2017 alone (source).  The industry in Georgia was boosted substantially by tax incentives introduced in 2002 and bolstered again in 2008. While we hear about the flashy movie stars and studio executives flying into the Atlanta Airport and spending money, we don't often think of the economic impact that benefits established local companies. A great example of this is longtime Peachstate customer In Concert Productions. 

In Concert Productions (ICP) is a production leader in the Atlanta, GA and Southeastern US markets. Founded in 1977, ICP’s core business has always been as a full-service audio company, serving Fortune 500 corporate, theatrical, and other industrial and special events. Film and TV credits include “Hollywood South” productions and televised events for NBC, ABC, TBS, BET, Tyler Perry Studios, and many others. 

ICP on the set of NBC "Titan Games" (pre-COVID)

ICP assisting with the Grand Opening Gala of Tyler Perry Studios in October, 2019

Though ICP owner, Jay Rabbit, has spent much of his career in live shows the greater event industry landscape was changing rapidly so he took advantage of the opportunity to expand the business to include filming. He found that this particular line of work was more efficient and profitable than other ventures. Couple that with the boom in filming in the area and many live events being on hold because of COVID-19, and film and TV has become the company's main focus. 

“In 2008, we began a working relationship with ATK Audiotek and ATK Versacom from Los Angeles, assisting them with their Southeastern US broadcast and special event clients. Because of the explosion of film and TV production here in the State of Georgia, the ICP - ATK relationship has grown into a great business model that benefits both companies. As time has gone by, we’ve developed our own broadcast clients and friends, while still being a valuable asset to ATK.”

Masked up on the set of "Family Feud" August, 2020

Though current NDA’s prevent Rabbit to speak about the current and upcoming projects he’s working on, some 2020 programs include The Titan Games 2 on NBC, the ABC summer game show “Don’t”, BET’s Sunday Best, numerous Apple Verzuz streaming events, assisting ATK Audiotek with the new season of Family Feud, and a new show on TBS for 2021 called “The Go-Big Show”. These projects range from ICP providing studio and/or artist PA, to wireless, to massive intercom systems through ATK Versacom.

ICP n set for ABC show "Don't"

ICP on set for "Family Feud"

The explosion of filming projects in Georgia, specifically the metro Atlanta area, brought an inevitable technological challenge for wireless frequency. “Because of the shrinking frequency spectrum, it is almost mandatory now that you must use digital wireless products. Even in the movie/tv studios we routinely work in here in Atlanta, that are lined with steel mesh forming essentially a farady shield, getting more than 6-10 analog devices to play well together is nearly impossible"  Rabbit explains. 

Backstage on ABC's "Don't"

Enter Peachstate Audio, a longtime partner with ICP. ICP’s recent investment in 44 channels of Shure Axient Wireless ADX combo systems, along with additional ADX1M micro beltpacks, will allow them to stay ahead of the ever narrowing frequency spectrum. This new Shure inventory is in addition to existing ULXD UHF, and ULXD VHF, and UHF-R systems, all purchased through Peachstate Audio.

Shure Axient Wireless Handhelds & Belt Packs

ICP's Shure Wireless Setup

"With the Shure Digital Axient and ULXD products, it’s possible to get the 30-40 channels of voice wireless that most TV productions we serve require. On top of the voice-based wireless needs per show, we usually have to frequency manage between 8 to 24 channels of IEM as well; and then there’s the IFB and either FreeSpeak or Riedel com that ATK Versacom provides and we partner with.” says Rabbit.
Frequency Managing ICP's Systems

Looks like Georgia is on plenty of people's minds (and screens), and it isn't going to let up anytime soon. We're proud to partner with In Concert Productions and Jay Rabbit to continue to find audio solutions to maximize their efficiency and profitability in an ever-changing (and crowded RF) landscape. 

ICP's warehouse shows just how much is needed in the Film & TV Business


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