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From The Archives: 40th Anniversary Loudspeaker Showcase


Peachstate Audio 40th Anniversary Loudspeaker Showcase Recap

 Sugar Hill, GA: On September 15th, 2016 fifteen manufacturers came together to showcase over 30 loudspeaker products. Peachstate Audio's large showroom was at full capacity with customers listening to a wide variety of loudspeakers within three segments based on MAP pricing. Each manufacturer had exactly 7.5 minutes to speak about their product and demo their equipment. After all the manufacturers in their segment went, the event attendees voted on a "People's Choice" winner.

Loudspeaker Showcase

Products with MAP prices from $0 to $1,000 were demonstrated in Segment One. This segment had all shapes and sizes of Loudspeakers, but the ultimate people's choice winner was DB Technology and their ES-802 Mini line array. After Segment One the event broke for lunch where everyone could visit with customers and colleagues and enjoy some BBQ.
Segment Two had loudspeakers in the $1,000 to $2,000 MAP price range. Again this segment had a large variety of products. D.A.S. Audio took the People's Choice award with their Artec-510A powered 10-inch two way loudspeaker.

D.A.S Audio Artec-510A

 Segment Three was loudspeaker products in the $2,000 and up MAP category and brought out some seriously powerful loudspeakers. DB Technology demonstrated their K5 line array module with KS10 subwoofers in a three over five configuration and D.A.S. Audio demonstrated their Event 208A line array module with Event 218A subwoofers in a four over two configuration. These products tied for the People's Choice award.

The event was ambitious and fast-paced, but the format allowed for all types of customers to hear loudspeakers for a wide range of applications. All loudspeakers demonstrated are available through purchase at Peachstate Audio. Additionally, customers are always welcome to hear products demonstrated in our state-of-the-art showroom.

Below is a list of all technology demonstrated at the Loudspeaker Showcase. We also have interview videos with Manufacturers to give an overview of their loudspeaker products. Peachstate Audio would like to thank the manufacturers for their support in this unique event.

Segment 1: $0-$1,000
 Manufacturer Equipment
DB TechnologyES-802
TOAHX5 + FB120
 Danley Sound Labs8" 2-way GoTo
TurbosoundIX12 + IP2000
PreSonusAir Series (AIR10, AIR 12, AIR15,AIR15s, AIR18s)
Electro-Voice ZLX-15P
YorkvillePS12P + YX15PC 

Segment 2: $1,000-$2,000
Harman ProPRX800 Series w/ sub 
BoseF1812 + F1210 sub 
Danley Sound LabsOS-80
TurbosoundTCS122 + IQ12/IQ18B
D.A.S. AudioArtec-510A
Electro-VoiceEKX-12P + ASP58
MartinCDD Live 

Segment 3: $2,000+
Harman Pro SRX800 series w/ double 18 sub
DB TechnologyK5 +KS10
QSC  KLA12 and KW181
 Bose Roommatch w/ sub
One Point SystemsOPALine-82 + 151SA
OAPC series + XLF-118A
Fulcrum AcousticFA28ac, FA12ac
D.A.S. Audio Event-208A + 2 Event-218A
YorkvilleYX18SPC + PS15S



People's Choice Winner DB Technology Below: Left to right, K5 line array module with KS10 subwoofers and ES-802 Mini Line Array

DAS Audio Artec-510A, 208A + 218A

People's Choice Winner D.A.S. Audio: Below Left to right, Artec 510A 10" two-way and Event 208A Line Array Module + 218A Subwoofers

Db Technology ES-802, K5 + KS10


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